Currere Paper – ECS 100

Regressive Moment

It is August 17, 2016, and I am sitting at home watching TV, when all of a sudden the phone rings, so my dad picks up the phone and answers it. The call is from the Ituna Health Centre saying that my results are in, from when I got tested last week for diabetes. They tell my dad to make sure I have someone with me, like a parent or sibling and to go at noon today. As my dad and I are getting ready, I have this gut feeling telling me that something must be wrong. I was questioning myself why else would my dad have to come with me, I am seventeen I should be able to go by myself. That’s when it hit me; my results had to be positive for diabetes.

As we’re driving to the clinic my dad and I do not say a word to each other, we both knew that something must be wrong. As soon as we got to the clinic the receptionist called us to the back right away to meet the doctor. The doctor’s room is very small, so my dad let me have the chair to sit down in. Sitting there waiting for the doctor is making me anxious and also scared, even though I was prepared for whatever news the doctor is going to tell me. Finally the doctor enters the room and greets my dad and I with a hello. The doctor pulls up his chair and tells me that my results came back positive for Type 1 Diabetes. He tells me that my blood glucose levels are 24.6, which is extremely high, being that the average range for blood glucose levels are supposed to be 4-7. The doctor told me that I needed to be admitted to the Melville Hospital for training that day and stay there for at least 2 nights. I knew that it had to be done so I nodded my head, and my dad and I got up to head home and tell my family the news.

On our way home we both did not say a word. When we got home my mom was standing at the door patiently waiting to hear the news, and that’s when I told her that I had to go to the Melville Hospital for 2 nights to be trained on how to manage my Type 1 Diabetes. After telling her and my sisters, I headed to the bedroom to pack a few overnight things. My parents and my twin sister drove me to the Melville Hospital, where I would learn how to inject insulin, measure my blood glucose levels, and how to carb count. My family came to my room with me and stayed for awhile, while waiting to meet my nurses, who would help train me. As the clocked ticked by I was wondering when they would come to give me the insulin I need to lower my blood sugar levels. It is now 7:00p.m. and I was admitted at 1:00p.m., the nurses did not give me any insulin until now. My dad was angry, knowing that my blood glucose levels are high, and the nurses waited this long to give me my insulin. Once seeing how to inject my insulin my dad and family headed home. Now I am left by myself with another patient in the same room as me, her name is Beatrice. We both share our stories with each other, we also go for walks, and play a few games of cribbage to tick the time away.

The next day I am awoken at 5:30a.m., with a nurse asking me if she can take my blood, so I get up half asleep and let her do her job. As she leaves I roll back over and go back to sleep. At 8:00a.m. I wake up and have some breakfast and I continue to visit with Beatrice. In the afternoon my dietitian comes to visit me. She tells me that since I am diabetic I have to eat less sugar and more fruits and vegetables, but I don’t have to completely cut sugar out of my life. During her visit she teaches me how to carb count, and how much insulin I need to take for a certain amount of carbs. The ratio that she gives me is 1 unit of insulin for every 15 carbs. After asking me if I have any questions she gets up and leaves. Throughout the rest of the day I keep in touch with my parents and family to let them know how I am doing. Soon it is bedtime, so I get ready and say goodnight to Beatrice and fall asleep.

Now it is August 19, 2016, my last day at the Melville Hospital. I wake up at 8:00a.m. and start packing my things. An hour later the nurses come and bring me my breakfast; the one nurse asks me if I feel like I am ready to go home. I do not hesitate to tell her that I am indeed ready to manage my diabetes on my own, and I am comfortable injecting my own insulin. Before I go my doctor comes and visits me and asks me how I am doing and if I have any questions. I respond with a “no” and that I feel like I learned everything I need to know in order to take care of myself. When he leaves I tell Beatrice that I will be heading home today, and how I will miss her. I also tell Beatrice how I enjoyed spending my time with her, and all of the conversations I had with her.

At 11:00a.m. my dad comes to pick me up, and make sure I have everything. Before I leave I hug Beatrice and tell her to get well soon. On the way home my dad asks me how my stay was; I tell him that I had a great time visiting with Beatrice, and I learned a lot of information about Type 1 Diabetes. Finally I am back at home, both my mom and sisters are there to greet me, and listen to my experiences at the hospital. After being gone for 2 nights I sure missed sleeping in my own bed, and cuddling my pets before going to sleep. I was glad to be back home, and have my pets and family there to comfort me.


Progressive Moment

It is September 6, 2023, and I am so excited to be starting my career as an elementary teacher. I enter the school to be greeted by the staff members and students. Some students are still outside for recess; it’s the perfect opportunity to walk around the school and get familiar with the environment in which I will be working in. As I am heading to my grade 3 classroom, the school bell rings. I wait by my classroom door to greet my students. Most of the students walk into the classroom with smiles on their faces, while other students push and shove their way in. Once all of my students are in the classroom, I shut the door and let them get ready for class. After the students gather their supplies, I ask them to be seated so we can begin our lessons for the day. When all of the students are settled down, I introduce myself to my students and I get the students to say their names. As the last student introduced himself, the intercom came on with the principal’s message and announcements. The principal welcomed the students and staff back to school. After the announcements, students were asked to rise for the playing of O’Canada. When the song is over I ask for the students to be seated again. I wait for all of the students to be seated before I begin. I hand out a questionnaire to each student, so that I can get to know all of my students. Some of the questions on the questionnaire include; what is your name, when is your birthday, what’s your favorite subject, and what subject do you least like. I give the students about 10 -15 minutes to answer all of the questions.

After they have completed the questionnaires, I move on to teach them grammar. Today in grammar we focus on nouns and pronouns. After explaining what they are, I hand out an assignment for them to work on, where they have to give examples of nouns, create their own sentences with at least one noun and pronouns, and identifying them in sentences. They have the rest of class to work on this assignment, and they can take it home to hand in for tomorrow. The bell rings and it is time for recess. I get the students to put away their binders and supplies before they can head outside for recess. This recess I am on supervision along with two other teachers. Outside the kids are full of energy: running around, climbing up and down ladders, sliding down slides, and swinging on swings. Some children ask me to give them a push on the swings, which I am delighted to do. After about 20 minutes the bell rings and recess is over.

I let the children go inside first and I make sure that there are no children left outside before I head in and lock the doors behind me. All of my students are waiting by the classroom door for me to let them in. I let them gather what they need before we head to the gym for physical education. The students are super excited being that it is their first physical education class this year. Once the students have all of their things and are standing in a line, I lead them to the gym. When we arrive at the gym I wait for them to change in to their gym clothes then ask them to gather to the center of the gym. I ask the students to come and sit in a circle with me so that I can explain what we are going to do next. After I have all of the students attention I tell them what their warm-up, activity, and cool down are going to be. For the warm-up I get them to run 2 laps around the gym with me. After their warm-up I allow them to get some water before we begin the activity. When all of the children are back we continue with “Capture the Flag.” I equally divide the students into 2 teams and pass them each a flag to hide. I explain the object of the gamer and the rules before they can begin. Once they understand what to do I blow my whistle signaling that they may begin. After half an hour of “Capture the Flag,” it’s time for a cool down. I call all of the students back to the center of the gym, to do some cool down stretches. After doing some stretches with the students, the bell rings and it’s time for lunch. I take my students back to the classroom, and then I head to the staff room to eat and visit with the rest of the teachers. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; they make you feel like family.

After lunch there is an assembly in the gym; welcoming the students and staff back for their first day of school. The principal introduces the new students and staff to the school and wishes everyone to have a great year. Towards the end of the assembly, students get partnered up to do some buddy activities. Some of the buddy activities are: getting to know your buddy, a scavenger hunt around the school, and to finish off the day everyone got an ice cream cone. Once my students are done eating their ice cream cones I take them back to the classroom, so that they can pack up their things and get ready for home time. After all of my students have left, I stay at the school for a few more hours to plan for the next day. I feel like the first day of school went well and I cannot wait for what tomorrow brings.


Analytical Moment

It is Mar. 21, 2018, and I wake up bright and early for my morning class. I slowly roll myself out of bed and get ready to begin my day. I am a student enrolled in the Faculty if Education at the University of Regina. I am taking five classes, so some days are long and stressful, but I pull through with a smile on my face. Luckily today I only have two classes; Math 101 and Cree 100. Today in Math 101 I have a quiz on prime factorization, calendar arithmetic, and prime numbers and composite numbers. I am prepared and ready to write this quiz. I know that I will do well, as I have a good understanding off the concepts being taught in class, and I have an amazing teacher.

While I get ready in the morning, I review everything that will be on my quiz, so that I will remember it. After I am done getting read and eating breakfast I start to head to class in the Research and Innovation Centre. I study with a few of my friends before class begins. I am as prepared as I ever will be. I am confident that I will do very well. The teacher starts handing out the quizzes and I get started right away. I look through my quiz before I start, and then I begin with the easiest questions first. I finish the quiz within half an hour with a huge smile on face. I get up out of my chair and I hand my quiz in before I leave. I walk back to my desk and pack up my stuff, then head back to my room on campus and wait for my next class to begin. I live in a 3-bedroom apartment with my twin sister and another roommate. I enjoy living on campus with my sister as we keep each other company and support one another in everything that we do.

My other class that I have today is Cree 100, which I don’t have till 12:30pm, so I get a bit of a break to work on some homework or just relax and hangout with my sister and roommate. Before I head to my class at 12:30pm, I enjoy a nice and tasty lunch, after testing my blood glucose levels and injecting my insulin. After washing my dishes, I get ready and start heading to the First Nations University. The weather is so beautiful outside, when walking to the First Nations University. I arrive early, as usual, so I look over my notes from last day. Today a different instructor walks in and hands out a quiz review and assignment. She tells us once we get both papers we can leave, as our professor headed to Ottawa early. Once I get my papers, I put my jacket on and get ready to leave. I have no more classes for today, so head back to residence to hang out with my sister.

Once I am back I ask her how her day was, as she had no classes today. After discussing how our day was we decide to go for a drive, to tick the time away. After our relaxing drive we arrive at residence and make some supper. For supper we make some pizza and play some music while waiting for it to cook. I enjoy listening to music whenever I can, so I try to play some tunes when I am not busy. When supper is ready we shut off the music, but turn it back on when we do the dishes. After the dishes are done, I go to my room and finish up some homework. I usually do about 1-2 hours of homework then I have a break and watch a show with my sister. Sometimes my sister and I will go for a walk around the university before we go to bed.

It is getting late for me so I decide to get ready for bed. I have a snack and test my blood glucose levels, before taking my insulin and going to sleep. My blood glucose levels are usually normal, so I don’t worry about them too much during the night. Once I am in bed, I say goodnight to my sister and roommate and within a few minutes I am sound asleep. I cannot wait till tomorrow to see all of friends in class again.


Synthetic Moment

Reflecting on who I am; I am a type 1 diabetic, a university student, and a future educator, and I am proud to be all. Being a type 1 diabetic there are challenges and complications that can occur, so in order to take control of your life you have to manage and overcome each and every day. This connects to who I am as an individual today, as I am an independent university student who has to manage and control my life on my own. I am glad to say that I no longer fear the complications that can occur with diabetes; as my health and mind are on the right track.

My past moments will stick with me for life, and they will affect the present and future moments. I am a strong and brave woman so I will be in charge of how the past will affect my next steps in life; I choose whether it will be good or bad. The present moment is a transition for me; it is a moment of realization that I choose my own path in life. I can choose to be happy and healthy, or upset and miserable. My choice is to be happy and healthy as I believe I have an amazing future ahead of me, and I cannot wait for what the future will hold.

I believe that the past, present, and future are indeed connected to one another, and each of them make up who you are; they can also affect who you choose to be as an individual. In life you may be given something in which you didn’t ask for, but you can decide how to deal with what you are given. Everybody chooses their own path in life; deciding if they will follow it all the way. My choice is to overcome every obstacle that is thrown my way and live my life the way I want. I am an achiever, and I will graduate from university and become an amazing educator for my students. I will live a happy and healthy life; staying in control of my diabetes. I will not let anything hold me back from accomplishing my goal and living my life the way I choose to.