My Offering to the Environment 

Reflecting back on my previous journals from the beginning of the semester, an offering that I can give to the environment is reducing the amount of water I use and planting trees, by using natural water (lakes) to water plants. My family and I spend a lot of time at Fishing Lake enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

A few years ago there was a flood at Fishing Lake, and it washed out most of the trees at the lake (around our cabin). Our lot looked empty, so my family decided to plant some trees along the edge of our property, and at the front of our cabin.

Every summer my grandma asks me and my sisters to water the trees, and be sure not to step on them. When we water the plants we use the lake water, instead of wasting water out of the taps. The environment provides us with many resources such as lake water and fish, therefore I feel like we should give back to thank the environment. My family and I feel like we should be giving back to the Earth as it gives us so many resources. If the land could only speak it would say; “Ohh here are the ones who know how to say thank you” (Kimmerer, 2013, p.34).

My family planted these trees in hopes of redeveloping the land to its original form. My family and I look after these trees as our environment looks after us. For my creative journal I decided to take a picture of a tree and the creek from our field trip to the eco museum. The tree represents the trees at our cabin and the creek represents the natural water we use to help the tree grow. I believe that small actions/offerings like this, can be a way of saying thank you to our environment.



Wall Kimmerer, R. (2013). The Offering. In Braiding Sweetgrass (p. 34).



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