My Experiences at the Lake 

Every summer my family and I go to Fishing Lake. We swim, we have campfires, and most of all we fish. When connecting this to colonization, I connected this to when settlers first arrived and used resources from the environment to survive. Settlers came and used the resources (such as fish), and they never gave anything back in return.

I connected my experience of fishing as an example of colonialization. My family and I go to Fishing Lake and fish (use the resources that our environment provides us with). We fish for our own use (food and enjoyment).

Throughout this course I learnt that when we take we should give back. Looking back at my journal entry #1, I do give back by cleaning up any garbage found around the lake. I pick up any garbage that is lying around or stuck in the rocks by the lake.

My visual represents Fishing Lake. The beautiful lake, and the fish that the environment provides me and my family with. The sand and the rocks I have to cross to get to the lake. I can disrupt the idea of fishing as being a colonizing act, by giving back and thanking the environment for the resources it provides us with.



One thought on “CJ4

  1. sarabellavance says:

    Hi Jaimie,
    What a great creative journal! I really appreciated your very personal connection. It is great that your family has such a nice place to go to. I really enjoyed your connection to colonization, It is true that we often take more than we give back to the Earth. There are lots of connections that could be made to our course readings such as Yi Chien Jade Ho “Traveling with a World of Complexity: Critical Pedagogy of Place and My Decolonizing Encounters.”


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