Ecoliteracy Poem


Caring About Our Environment    

You admire the animals, plants, and trees,

From squirrels to flowers to evergreens.

You reduce, reuse, and recycle,

Instead of driving you walk or ride your bicycle.

When garbage is found lying around,

You pick it up off of the ground.

You care about the changes that are happening around us,

While other people stand around and make such a fuss,

About the issue of climate change or global warming,

You notice that these changes are very alarming.

You understand that we need to help out,

Instead of doing nothing but shout.

We all have to stick together and do our part,

You are an ecoliterate person who has a head start.

You care about our Earth

And its self-worth.

Cleaning up our environment by reducing your carbon footprint is a good start,

It is time that everyone does their part.

Small actions or big leaps,

Any action will help keep our environment clean.







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