CJ2:(Cleaning Up Our Environment)



Our world is changing in numerous ways. Temperatures are increasing, water levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and forest fires and flooding are happening way more frequently. These are just some of the effects that global warming has on our environment. The human race is the main cause of these effects, and it’s humans who will have to act fast before they get worse. There are small actions that we can all do to help out our environment.

My visual representation is a simple act or step that we can take to clean up our environment. We can pick up any garbage around us that we see, even if it’s not ours. We should be cleaning up the environment and thanking it for the resources that it provides us with. Reflecting back on my memories at Fishing Lake, SK, I remember how it use to look before the flood. Fishing Lake was beautiful, with trees and sandy beaches everywhere. There is still a few tress left around the lake, but my family and I are seeing a lot more garbage along were our beach used to be. There are rocks that build up a berm and that is where most of the garbage is. Sometimes my family and I go for walks along the berm and pick up the garbage so that it does not end up in the lake. I believe that little actions will help, rather than doing nothing.

More people need to act as well, and help take care of our environment. There are little acts of reciprocity that you can do, such as consume less (only use what you need), and clean up any waste around you. These are just a few examples of actions that anyone can do to thank the environment for what it provides us with.

In the reading “Maple Nation: A Citizen Guide,” Kimmerer (2013) states that; “We’ve got a lot to be grateful for, and we all have to do our part to keep it going” (p.169). The environment is beautiful and it provides us with great resources, but if we want our environment to stay beautiful and keep providing us with resources we have to learn how to consume less and help keep it clean. Simple acts of reciprocity that we can do is pick up garbage, turn the lights off when they are not needed, walk more and drive less, only use what we need (resources). My act of reciprocity is to pick up garbage that I see, as a way of thanking the environment for the resources it provides me with.



 Kimmerer, R. (2013). Maple Nation: A Citizen Guide. In Braiding Sweetgrass (p. 169). Minneapolis, Minnesota: Milkweed Editions.

One thought on “CJ2:(Cleaning Up Our Environment)

  1. benduperreault says:

    Hi Jaimie, I enjoyed reading this blog post. I have been to Fishing Lake numerous times and I see where your coming from with the comments you have made on the lake! I totally agree with the fact how you said there has been more garbage along shore sides. If everyone who has cabins or lives there permanently should be more engaged like you and your family are by picking up the garbage so it doesn’t end up in the lake. Your understanding of the environment and what it gives and how we need to give back really shows. The little things like picking up a few pieces of garbage here and there makes a difference!


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