CJ1: (Life at Fishing Lake)

Every summer my family and I would always make road trips up to Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan. At Fishing Lake everything is peaceful, and my family and I are surrounded by nature. A few years ago at Fishing Lake we use to have tons of trees, and beautiful beaches where we could actually walk into the water, not stubbing our toes on rocks or worrying that when we jump off of our pier there is a possibility of hitting your foot on a rock. Our beaches and most of our trees got swept away by a flood that happened a few years ago. Even with hardly any trees and beaches my family and I still have fun and enjoy spending our time there.

My family loves fishing, and swimming; therefore at the lake we mostly spend our time outside, enjoying the environment and everything around us. I feel connected to the environment through the resources that the environment provides me (such as the tasty fish to eat, and the lake we have to swim in). I learned that we should not be wasteful or careless when we fish. My family and I always make sure to only keep our limit and allow the rest of the fish we catch to go back and reproduce, so that our environment will continue to have that resource for future generations. I believe that we need to take care and give back to the environment in thanking it for the resources it provides us with. While my family and I are at the lake, my sister and I always go for walks along what is left of the beach. Sometimes we will see garbage and pick it up to take back to our cabin. The visual representation that I drew reveals what I believe the environment is and what it should look like. I believe that our environment should be clean, as the environment provides us with resources (such as fish), and we should give back by cleaning up and taking care of our environment.

Relating back to the reading “The Sound of Silverbells” by Robin Wall Kimmerer, taking road trips and adventures allows us to connect with the environment and develop a deeper understanding and find a meaning of what the environment means to us. The environment to me is everything that surrounds us and has an effect on our life, such as my family, the resources that we are provided with (fish), and the beautiful trees, animals, and bodies of water that surround us. The environment provides us with plenty of resources, such as animals, plants (soil to grow our plants), and bodies of water. To give back to our environment, we can clean up any garbage that we see, and walk short distances instead of driving. These are just a few small steps in taking action towards a cleaner environment.




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  1. Lauren Carlson says:

    I really liked the idea of thanking the environment for the resources it provides us with. This is a simple but beautiful statement that sums up perfectly how everyone should treat the world around us. You did a really good job of relating your visual representation to Wall Kimmerer’s reading and summing up what the environment means to you.

    Your blog post is very heartfelt and does a fantastic job of giving the reader a sense of how much you love Fishing Lake and how much it means to you and your family. Hopefully the beach will eventually be restored to its previous glory!


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